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 Positive Influences

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PostSubject: Positive Influences    Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:01 pm

What are positive influences? Are you a good influence? Are your friends good influences? Read on to find out.

Good influences can mean anything, it just depends on you. Good influences can be people that stand up to bullies, are kind, don’t push you to do negative activities, and support you. If you are surrounded by people that support one another, stand up for each other and decide to lift people up instead of tearing down, then that is most likely a positive influence on you! Your friends can be positive influences, but are you? Siblings, friends, family, and even parents are influenced by you. Not all of those influences will be huge, but they will count. Being a positive influence can be helping around the house, standing up for yourself, and just being yourself. Do you want to be a positive influence or a negative one? It’s up to you, but remember it isn’t just you being affected. People that you interact with or know will be influenced by you everyday. Would you rather be a negative influence on someone or a positive one?
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Positive Influences
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