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 Choosing Positive Influences vs Negative Influences

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PostSubject: Choosing Positive Influences vs Negative Influences    Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:23 pm

The right time to choose right over wrong is earlier in life before we are already making bad decisions. Really think before doing something or being influenced. Is what you are about to do a right or wrong influence? Of course there are the obvious wrong influences like drinking, smoking, or chewing tobacco. There are the hard influences that aren’t simple. Lying, refusing to do homework, excluding people can all be negative influences that can be pressured and influenced on you. Before you decide to do any of these things, really think? Are you following a positive or negative influence. Remember, just because you picked the wrong influence one time doesn’t mean that you can never be a positive influence. There is always a chance to  change how you are influenced by others.
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Choosing Positive Influences vs Negative Influences
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