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 Welcome to Our Site!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Our Site!   Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:49 pm

Hello! Welcome to our site! We have our topics, which cover how influences affect us in every way possible! Here are some credits to our group...

Bella - Writing. She created the posts and added them to the site for you to read! She did the research required to make them what they were and typed up, in her own words, how to navigate through positive and negative influences!

Tatum - Coding. She made the site what it is! She added the skin to the site, made the banner at the top, and added the formatting to the amazing posts Bella made!

Delaney - Research. She used google and did some awesome studying for our group! She worked hard and found sites that we could use, and she gave us all the citations so we could use them!
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Welcome to Our Site!
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